Weekly Temperature Chart

The outside temperature is updated live every 5 minutes and recorded on a weekly chart.

Weekly Wind Chill - Heat Index Chart

The Windchill or Wind Chill factor is recorded on a weekly chart. This is a measure of how cold it feels when exposed to cold temperatures and wind. The Heat Index is what the temperature feels like to a human body when the relative humidity is combined with the air temperature.

Weekly Barometer - Air Pressure Chart

The Air pressure is recorded and plotted on a weekly chart. When the air pressure drops, it is usually an indication of wet weather or a storm is on its way. When the air pressure rises, it often an indication of clearer weather. If the air pressure remains stable, then there is normally no change in the immediate weather.

Weekly Wind Speed Chart

The Weekly wind speed is recorded and displayed in Miles Per Hour (mph).

Weekly Wind Direction Chart

The weekly wind direction chart is displayed in degrees.
0 and 360 indicate a Northerly wind direction.
90 indicates an Easterly wind direction.
180 indicates a Southerly wind direction.
270 indicates a Westerly wind direction.

Weekly Rain Chart

The weekly rain total is recorded in millimetres (mm).

Weekly UV Index Chart

The weekly UV Index is a linear scale with higher values representing a greater risk of sunburn.

Weekly Radiation Chart

The weekly Radiation value is displayed in watts per metres squared. It is an estimate of how much sun light is hitting a given location.